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Nora Morehead

Makeup Artist, Prosthetics Artist & Hair Stylist


Nora grew up in San Francisco and started her career in 2004 when she studied to become a licenced Cosmetologist for the state of California. This education covered all aspects of hairdressing to include haircutting, colouring, perming, styling, and barbering as well as makeup application, skin care, nails, hygiene and health & safety. After passing the California state board examination in 2005, Nora took her talents across the pond to Bristol’s Hobbs Salon in the United Kingdom. Through Hobbs, she worked on fashion shows, events and photo shoots. Nora began freelancing in 2008 focusing on weddings and fashion work.


In recent years, Nora wanted to expand her skillset in order to gain experience in the film, television and theatre industries. She trained at the Blush School of Makeup in San Francisco and the Bath Academy of Media Makeup in England. While studying at the Bath Academy of Media Makeup, Nora had the opportunity to train with Peter King who is an Oscar and BAFTA winning Makeup Designer. He was the Head of the Makeup & Hair Departments for ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Golden Compass’ just to name a few of his projects. Training with Peter King gave Nora a wealth of knowledge about working with hair, wigs and makeup to create a character or an accurate portrayal of a period.


Nora was personally selected by the BAFTA award-winning Makeup Designer, Neill Gorton, to attend his ‘Makeup Effects and Prosthetics Creation Course’ at Gorton Studios in Chesham. The course enabled Nora to complete a final project of her own prosthetic makeup design. This process included life casting, sculpting, moulding, painting, running foam latex, application, detailing and airbrushing.


Nora has a broad range of experience working individually or as part of a team in film, television, theatre, weddings, fashion events and editorial productions. She is a quick learner with a keen eye for detail, always ready to take on new responsibilities and challenges.





2014: Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio, Chesham, UK

Makeup Effects and Prosthetics Creation

Sculpture techniques, detailing and texturing

Life-casting: clean-up and mounting

Moulding life-casts in silicone

Producing positives in fibreglass, plaster and fast-cast resin

Sculpting and moulding basic appliances

Casting appliances in gelatine, silicone and foam latex

Running foam – mixing and casting gelatine, pouring and injecting

Prosthetic application

Prosthetic design with computers


Painting techniques

Basic animatronics

Blood FX

Bladder FX

Seaming and patching

Hair punching

Denture FX

Contact lenses

Fur replacement

Gore fabrication



2013: Blush School of Makeup, San Francisco, California, USA  

Special Effects Makeup Course

Prosthetics Makeup Course

Theatrical & Character Makeup Course


2013: Bath Academy of Media Makeup, Bath, UK

Peter King Research Course

Wig Making, Knotting & Styling Course

Period Hair & Makeup Course

Afro-Caribbean Hair Course

Body Art Makeup Course

Advanced Fashion Course

Bridal Makeup Course

Airbrushing Makeup Course

High Definition Makeup Course


2004-2005: Skyline College Cosmetology School, San Bruno, California, USA    

Cosmetology Licence for the State of California


After completing 1600 hours of training at Skyline Cosmetology School, Nora passed a written and practical examination on techniques and health & safety requirements for hairdressing, skin care, makeup and nails.




Nora Morehead applying prosthetic makeup for a competition judged by Peter Swords King.